Sunday, 28 September 2014

How Adrafinil Is Changing Millions Of Lives?

Adrafinil is a good arousal supplement and it is a classified drug, which improves the memory. Mostly students or high tech workers in big financial company use it. It also maintains good energy level. This is also called as Olmifon.

If you are thinking to take this dose, first you should know about all the precaution or guidelines regarding it. The Dose is used to improve Brain functions and it maintains physical energy all day long. It is most powerful medicine and it is used for long time period. You will observe different types of changes after a week.

It helps to increase memory power without any harmful effects because it is a Nootopic, unlike Noopept and Racetams drugs, which have no serious side effects.

Importance of Proper Dosage

At the time of taking the dose, you must know about the quantity of daily dose. It is recommended that the dosage to be used should be between 300 - 600 mg per day. It is very significant, as Nootopics are very powerful.

Benefits of Adrafinil

It helps to increase the focus and concentration power. It helps to relieve a person, who is suffering from mood problems like stress or any kind of depression. It restores the normal sleep pattern of people.

It gives relief to people from stress, depression and it increases the body energy level. The most important function of Adrafinil is to increase the power of the brain. Mental performance will also be increased by Adrafinil. 

Adrafinil have a propensity to raise the levels of dopamine, histamine, and glutamate. It normally affects the catecholamine hormones and adrenergic system.

Impacts of Adrafinil on body

  • Reduced reaction time: This drug increases the power of mind to increase the reaction time of the people.
  • Increase memory power: These days, many people are suffering from memory problems. So, this drug is commonly used to increase the memory power. It improves the central nervous system of human brain that is the reason it is preferred by many people.
  • Boosting their mood: Many people haves different kinds of problems. Some go through stress problem and some have depression issues. Due to these health concerns, people cannot do work and perform effectively in their routine life. So, this dose is used to get rid of such problems.
  • Increase energy levels: These days, people suffer from low energy levels and this is due to the stress in their jobs. Therefore, this dose increases or restores energy, which cannot be discharged easily.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Guidelines to Take Noopept for Improving Memory

Noopept is a type of nootropic, which is prescribed and promoted in Russia and other neighboring countries. Its registered name is Noopept all over the world. Both the US and Russia patented this compound on 08 august 1995. In Russia and other countries, it is used as medicine while in the US it is used as a dietary supplement. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is also a part of racetam supplements such as piracetam. It protects brain from glutamate in the same way as Piracetam. 

Mechanisms of action for Noopept

As it is the member of Racetam family of drugs, mechanisms of action for Noopept is same as the mechanism of any other Nootropic dose. It is 1000 times more potent than the other drugs (especially Piracetam) of Racetam family. Various tests show that it is neuroprotective and helps in enhancing memory. It is expensive than all other racetam drugs, its 10 gram costs equal to the 500 grams of Piracetam. We need very less amount of dose to gain the same level of benefits. It seems to be very costly, but actually it saves your money.

Working of Noopept

Noopept is the best and most powerful drug to increase the brain function and short-term focus at the same time. Noopept improves the learning capabilities, slows the death rate of cells, improves cell re-growth rate, improves information processing, increases energy level, concentration level and memory formation. 

It also improves brain functions (improves right-left brain communication) and increases the capacity of the memory to store more information. In addition, it increases the working capacity too. It is the perfect legal racetam supplement to meets the above-mentioned demands. That’s why, it is known as the most powerful nootropic for boosting memory.

Alzheimer’s disease is the type of dementia (a disease which tends to death), which can be treated by Noopept. Actually, noopept increases the effects and quantity of neurotrophins (present in hippocampus), which helps to repair and strengthen the functions of your nerve cells. It leads to enhancement of memory.

Recommended dosage

The basic recommended dosage for noopept is 10 - 30 mg per day. However, it can be modified by individuals, as its effect varies. However, the overdose of noopept can cause headache, insomnia, depression etc.

It is available online and can be purchased via nootropic retailers. It comes only in capsules and bulk powder. It is the Nootropic drug, which is more efficient and has fewer side effects, and can be used easily. It is the best option for improving the ability to retain new information.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Benefits of Using both Aniracetom and Piracetam Together

Airacetom and Piracetam stack is the most effective among all nootropic supplement. This stack is widely used for various purposes such as to improve memory power, enhance concentration, learning stability and focus. This pile is considered 100 times more vigorous than the piracetam. The Airacetom and Piracetam pile is bioactive, so users must be careful in their dosing practice.

Even the stack is widely used in the treatment of various serious diseases. Over dosage of this stack can cause you some serious problems, so always take this supplement in limited dosage. This article would guide you to know about the benefit of Aniracetom and piracetam stacks. It is recommended to take the compound in a limited dose.

Individual Effect of Aniracetom and Piracetam: Before combining these two nootropics in a stack, it is very important to understand the various advantages of taking these drugs separately. You may have to ask many questions in your mind that how Aniracetom and Piracetam stacking can be more beneficial than their individual use. When both drugs are combined together, their features become sharper than before.

If we compare both Aniracetom and Piracetam than we will find that recommended dose of Aniracetom is non toxic in nature. It is very beneficial for enhancing memory power, concentration, focus etc. From the various feedback of user’s it is been noticed that Piracetam also improves the learning ability and alertness whereas Aniracetam is more vigorous than Piracetam. That is why Aniracetam must be used in very small dose and it is very effective to reduce nervousness. 

Side effects of this stack: According to clinical trials, it has been proven that Noopept does not have any side effect. However, noopept must be taken in the recommended dosage. This supplement is very powerful, so proper care should be taken while consuming it. Before you take combination of these drugs, you should check these drugs individually. Start with the Piracetam, new users must take it in limited dose, which are recommended as 3 gram. If you do not see any effect then you can increase it to 5 grams. Then allow some time to experience with Aniracetam, start taking this drug with 750 mg dose and if necessary, you can increase it to 1500. The over dosage of Aniracetom and piracetam can cause headache, vomiting, chest pain etc.

Proper Dosage Ratio: You should always remember that the dosage should be taken in small amount. As per doctor’s recommendations, you can add 500 mg of Aniracetam in 2 gram of piracetam. It is sufficient to get better result.

  • This stack helps to enhance the observation, sensitivity.
  • It also motivates the acetylcholine receptors.
  • This stack also provide anti-anxieties effect.
  •  This supplement is very much capable in clearing the path of cerebral cortex
We hope that all the information above is more than enough for you to understand the benefits of Aniracetam and Piracetam stack.

Monday, 22 September 2014

All You Need To Know About Nootropics before Using Them

At present, the nootropics usage has increased all over the globe because of its beneficial effects on human brain.

Nootropics are referred as smart drugs, which are used for cognitive enhancement of our brain. Smart drugs are improving the mental functions like working memory, intelligence, anxiety, focus, and alertness. 

The term Nootropics was invented by a doctor named corneliu giurgea from Romania in 1952. However, the use of these smart drugs goes back thousands of years. Ancient people utilized the few herbs, which enhance our mental functions. Such as caffeine, which is being used from thousands of years, caffeine in tea was discovered by China between 1500 and 1000 BC. It was used as cognitive enhancer and ayurvedic medicine on the subcontinent.

At present, these drugs are primarily used for cognitive or motor function difficulties. However, these drugs show good results when used in low concentration. There is no use of taking these pills, if you are taking it without maintaining proper diet, mental exercise, and proper lifestyle. 

Advantages of nootropics:

Modern nootropics have many wide varieties of human enhancement applications as well, which require good supplements. Actually, nootropics are used to treat disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Huntington diseases. Scientists support the beneficial effects of using nootropics.

It increases your memory and prevents short term and long-term memory loss. By using them, you can improve the remembering power, wherein we tend to forget about things at the right moment in our daily life. For memory, memory enhancers like choline, and creatine drugs are used.

They improve the focus of your brain and it helps to enhance the alertness on the work you are doing. For focus use Asian ginseng and CIL TEP and take caffeine with L-theanine.

Some nootropics like L-theanine, Asian ginseng, CILTEP enhance cognitive function and improves your mood. It also helps in reducing anxiety and mental stress and tension.

This is a smart drug, which develops your ability to solve problems and brings out the creativity in you. However, this is only possible by doing daily mental exercises, attention-strengthening exercises. Iodine and creatine are mostly effective in developing cognitive abilities. 

Smart drugs are helpful in reducing fatigue for this problem creatine and rhodiola rosea are effective.

These nootropics are effective when you used them properly in good concentration because they give only pump to boost your brain.

How to Get the Perfect Product

Simple way to get nootropics is through online websites and from reputable government licensed dealers.

The Nootropics Review covers all the important aspects of notropics. You can find more information over the internet.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Piracetam V/S Modafinil: Learn How Piracetam Is Nowhere Near As Strong As Modafinil

Piracetam and Modafinil are the two most outstanding, strong and bestselling drugs in the nootropics market today. Both are observed and discovered to provide unquestionable benefit for cognition and energy. Both the drugs work in similar manner yet they are very different when we discuss about their effects. Read more to know how they are different yet similar and how stacking the two drugs can work wonders. 

Piracetam and its cognitive effects:

Piracetam can be said as the pioneer in the nootropic marker. It was the first drug discovered and since then a lot of study and research is made in this field. Piracetam has worked very well for many users, but of course with the passage of time and with the new drugs introduced in the market its monopoly has gone down. Although, Piracetam is the best choice to make when you are planning to stack it with other drugs and it is proven to work wonderfully in enhancing general mental abilities.

If you have been using nootropics since a long time, you may find that Piracetam works slowly and visible results are seen only after first two weeks of use. On the other hand, new and first time users will instantly feel the difference.

Modafinil and its cognitive effects:

Modafinil is a recently discovered drug in the field of nootropics. Its main action is to enhance concentration, focus and increase energy level. The drug needs a prescription. However, as an alternative, you can buy Adrafinil, as it converts into Modafinil after entering your body, and needs no prescription.

Modafinil actually helps you fight sleep disorders, which are potent enough to rob your concentration and energy. As commented by users, Modafinil gives laser focus to accomplish any task. Also, Modafinil gives you the feel that you can conquer the world and this is because it elevates the mood to a greater level, makes you feel more confident and ambitious. When we compare the effectiveness of both Piracetam and Modafinil, it can be said that Piracetam is nowhere near as strong as Modafinil.

Combining Piracetam and Modafinil

Stacking is simply the process of combining two nootropics and taking it in combination. Two effective drugs when combined appropriately can result in a more benefiting and effective drug. Piracetam and Modafinil are combined by several users for more synergistic benefits. Piracetam increases your reasoning and sensory perceptions where as Modafinil enhances energy levels, elevates mood, increases attention and makes you feel more ambitious. Both the drugs work for the same purpose yet the effect of both is very different.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Adrafinil: A Smart Drug of Today Is a Slightly Red Crystalline Powder

For sure if you are aware of the drugs of nootropic market, you must have come across the name Adrafinil. This is not because it is a perfect pro-drug, but because it is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration and is yet promoted and used by many in the European countries. 

The drug is used to fight sleep disorders and enhance alertness. Its effects are similar to Modafinil and many users also use Adrafinil as an alternative to Modafinil because after hitting the liver Adrafinil converts and works exactly like Modafinil. Although the best part is that the drug can be available without any prescription unlike Modafinil.

Adrafinil: A Smart Drug

Researches do not consider or label Adrafinil as a nootropic, but they call it a smart drug. Adrafinil is observed to effect slowly and so the users looking for quick effect generally don’t prefer it. Mostly, workers working on night shifts are found using this drug in the European countries. Although, when we talk about using it in the US, you can simply find that Adrafinil is a slightly red crystalline powder, which can be found on the internet and purchased in bulk. 

Effects of Adrafinil

How exactly does Adrafinil works is still a big question. How the drug increases catecholamines levels is still not clear. However, it is believed that Adrafinil enhances the level of histamine in hypothalamus. 

Some of the reported negative effects of the Adrafinil are:

• Anxiety

• Diarrhea

• Agitation

• Nausea

• Vomiting

• Headaches

• Insomnia

Side effects of Adrafinil are generally similar to those one experiences after using Modafinil. However, it is advised to use the drug smartly and appropriately and if possible after consulting your doctor. 

Before you set your mind to try this Smart-Drug, it is important that you bear in mind that Adrafinil in bulk is not something for faint hearted. This drug needs to be used with extreme caution and responsibility. If you are already on such drugs that put extreme strain on your liver, it is advised that you do not start with Adrafinil. 

After all, to make sure that Adrafinil are converted in to Modafinil the break down process in the liver should work appropriately and for this, the organ needs to work faster and harder. Thus, if you are using any other drug along with Adrafinil, there are chances that your liver might be damaged, as the stress will exceed its capacity. If you have a healthy liver, for sure you can use Adrafinil, but make sure to use it carefully in order to avoid any possible side effects or health problems.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

You Want To Invest Only In the Best Oxiracetam Brand

You can expect to achieve the incredible benefits of Oxiracetam, only if you invest in a quality product of a credible brand. 

Needless to mention, there are innumerable sellers in the market, who just take the advantage of this great popularity of Oxiracetam, and try to sell their cheap and low quality products. Often, customers like you, who might not have done the online research on different sellers, tend to buy these cheap products. Later, they regret their decision, and sometimes deal with the ill effects of those low-quality products. Hence, it’s really important to invest only in the best brand of Oxiracetam.

You Can Easily Find Those Best Brands

You just need to spend few minutes, doing online research, and you will soon have the names of the reputable sellers with you. Go through the reviews posted by the users, check how long a particular seller has been in this business, and so on. These little efforts will help you out in availing quality Oxiracetam from a credible seller. 

Here’s How You Can Save Your Money While Purchasing A Quality Product

Yes, it’s pretty obvious that if you are going for the quality products from a reputable seller, the prices are going to be quite high. You just cannot expect such quality products for the prices that are offered by the cheap and unreliable brands. Yet, did you know that you could save a lot of your money, even while purchasing those reputable brands’ Oxiracetam. Here is how. 

Always prefer the powder form of this supplement to the pills. This is simply because they are far cheaper as compared to the latter. Agreed, that pills are easier to take, and you can just swallow it in a moment. However, did you know that for the same amount of Oxiracetam, the pills are almost five times more expensive than the powdered version? This great difference in the price is just because of the processing and efforts needed to turn the powder into pills.

Secondly, you need to order the powder in bulk. You will hardly find Oxiracetam in any local store. They are easily available with numerous online sellers. These sellers prefer bulk selling of the supplement over small orders. For that, they often offer great discounts and benefits on bulk purchases. Hence, if you have done the research on your part, like with, and are ready to place your order with such a reputable seller, you may do it in bulk and save a lot of your money.