Saturday, 20 September 2014

Piracetam V/S Modafinil: Learn How Piracetam Is Nowhere Near As Strong As Modafinil

Piracetam and Modafinil are the two most outstanding, strong and bestselling drugs in the nootropics market today. Both are observed and discovered to provide unquestionable benefit for cognition and energy. Both the drugs work in similar manner yet they are very different when we discuss about their effects. Read more to know how they are different yet similar and how stacking the two drugs can work wonders. 

Piracetam and its cognitive effects:

Piracetam can be said as the pioneer in the nootropic marker. It was the first drug discovered and since then a lot of study and research is made in this field. Piracetam has worked very well for many users, but of course with the passage of time and with the new drugs introduced in the market its monopoly has gone down. Although, Piracetam is the best choice to make when you are planning to stack it with other drugs and it is proven to work wonderfully in enhancing general mental abilities.

If you have been using nootropics since a long time, you may find that Piracetam works slowly and visible results are seen only after first two weeks of use. On the other hand, new and first time users will instantly feel the difference.

Modafinil and its cognitive effects:

Modafinil is a recently discovered drug in the field of nootropics. Its main action is to enhance concentration, focus and increase energy level. The drug needs a prescription. However, as an alternative, you can buy Adrafinil, as it converts into Modafinil after entering your body, and needs no prescription.

Modafinil actually helps you fight sleep disorders, which are potent enough to rob your concentration and energy. As commented by users, Modafinil gives laser focus to accomplish any task. Also, Modafinil gives you the feel that you can conquer the world and this is because it elevates the mood to a greater level, makes you feel more confident and ambitious. When we compare the effectiveness of both Piracetam and Modafinil, it can be said that Piracetam is nowhere near as strong as Modafinil.

Combining Piracetam and Modafinil

Stacking is simply the process of combining two nootropics and taking it in combination. Two effective drugs when combined appropriately can result in a more benefiting and effective drug. Piracetam and Modafinil are combined by several users for more synergistic benefits. Piracetam increases your reasoning and sensory perceptions where as Modafinil enhances energy levels, elevates mood, increases attention and makes you feel more ambitious. Both the drugs work for the same purpose yet the effect of both is very different.

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