Thursday, 18 September 2014

Adrafinil: A Smart Drug of Today Is a Slightly Red Crystalline Powder

For sure if you are aware of the drugs of nootropic market, you must have come across the name Adrafinil. This is not because it is a perfect pro-drug, but because it is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration and is yet promoted and used by many in the European countries. 

The drug is used to fight sleep disorders and enhance alertness. Its effects are similar to Modafinil and many users also use Adrafinil as an alternative to Modafinil because after hitting the liver Adrafinil converts and works exactly like Modafinil. Although the best part is that the drug can be available without any prescription unlike Modafinil.

Adrafinil: A Smart Drug

Researches do not consider or label Adrafinil as a nootropic, but they call it a smart drug. Adrafinil is observed to effect slowly and so the users looking for quick effect generally don’t prefer it. Mostly, workers working on night shifts are found using this drug in the European countries. Although, when we talk about using it in the US, you can simply find that Adrafinil is a slightly red crystalline powder, which can be found on the internet and purchased in bulk. 

Effects of Adrafinil

How exactly does Adrafinil works is still a big question. How the drug increases catecholamines levels is still not clear. However, it is believed that Adrafinil enhances the level of histamine in hypothalamus. 

Some of the reported negative effects of the Adrafinil are:

• Anxiety

• Diarrhea

• Agitation

• Nausea

• Vomiting

• Headaches

• Insomnia

Side effects of Adrafinil are generally similar to those one experiences after using Modafinil. However, it is advised to use the drug smartly and appropriately and if possible after consulting your doctor. 

Before you set your mind to try this Smart-Drug, it is important that you bear in mind that Adrafinil in bulk is not something for faint hearted. This drug needs to be used with extreme caution and responsibility. If you are already on such drugs that put extreme strain on your liver, it is advised that you do not start with Adrafinil. 

After all, to make sure that Adrafinil are converted in to Modafinil the break down process in the liver should work appropriately and for this, the organ needs to work faster and harder. Thus, if you are using any other drug along with Adrafinil, there are chances that your liver might be damaged, as the stress will exceed its capacity. If you have a healthy liver, for sure you can use Adrafinil, but make sure to use it carefully in order to avoid any possible side effects or health problems.

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